The Dirty Box Package
The Dirty Box Package
The Dirty Box Package

The Dirty Box Package

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T-Shirt Size

Get all Three Of Our Show Ready Products and a T-Shirt in our Dirty Box Package

Super Thick Foam Clings onto your surface longer, to help penetrate and lift dirt, grease, dust, and debris so they can all be wiped/rinsed away leaving a clean-shined surface. Use it on all exterior surfaces.

Glossy Dripping Wet Tire Shine will dress to impress and provide you with a show-quality look!!! Dripping Wet will help restore and rejuvenate your tires, plastic, or vinyl surfaces quickly and efficiently with our long-lasting lustrous formula.

The Hard-On Ceramic Detail Spray Use on paint, rims, tires, metals, plastic, rubber, glass, leather, dashboard, and more. Contains multiple anti-static detergents, crosslinking polymers, SIO2, transparent gels, and hard waxes. As it cleans, it deposits a hard, slick surface sealant that protects the surface and creates a deep shine. Anti-statics keep dust and dirt from re-adhering so quickly.

Tire Shine Applicator Pad 

Micro-Fiber Towel make application a breeze.

Dirty Stripper Logo T-Shirt Our light grey short-sleeved tee with left front small logo and full back with the Dirty Stripper pink logo.


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